An Introverted, Caffeine-addicted, Wine-obsessed Writer In North Carolina, With Her Husband, Crazy Dog & 
Angry Cat, Sarah is a cliche, but she still Has fun.

Sarah is a writer, editor & media manager.. She is a student of the Mountainview MFA with a concentration in Fiction and a passion for the fantastic. She has her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing, Psychology and Spanish from Salem College. She has three years of literary magazine experience under her belt and multiple internships from online magazines to social media management. 

When Sarah was in 3rd grade, her interest in writing was first sparked. Her father was reading Where The Red Fern Grows to her when he started to sob. She was confused by his reaction, but similarly felt moved by the prose, and decided to investigate writing further. She wrote her first short story in 5th grade, but it was unfortunately lost when her teacher brought it home to show her family. Luckily, though, her zest for literature was not squashed. While continuing to write through grade school, Sarah participated in Battle of the Books and was invited into Eva Perry Mock Printz Club, where she had the opportunity to read and review YA literature as well as networking with published authors.

In college, Sarah had the opportunity to work for the literary magazine, Incunabula , as an assistant editor for a year and two years as the head editor. Her work can be found in the 2013, 2014 & 2015 editions. She was also able to travel to Spain and work for the online magazine, TheTHE Poetry . 

As a graduate student, Sarah worked one-on-one with a number of published, acclaimed authors and was able to complete a manuscript for the first book in her Literary Fantasy series. The piece is currently being edited and seeking representation. Sarah also writes and has published short stories, nonfiction essays and poetry. Agents and publishers can contact the author for more information.

Her blog is a place for lovers of books, coffee, dogs & everything in between.
Posts made Tuesday & Friday. 

Her services as a writer, editor & social media manager are available.
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