5 Great Gifts To Get The Writer In Your Life

Are struggling to find a great gift for your writer friend or family member? Tired of buying journals that never get written in? Feel bad buying that random book the Barnes and Nobel cashier recommended but you know nothing about? Here are some great ideas of original gifts to get that special writer in your life? 

1. Kindle Unlimited

Did you know you can purchase a month or even a year of Kindle Unlimited that you can gift to someone else? Buy a writer a couple months or year so they can get free ebooks and audiobooks. They'll be so excited that they don't have to buy another book in 2018 that they may even write you a thank you note. And, writers, if you want to be entered into my giveaway to win a 12 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, click here!!!

2. Book of the Month Club

This is a similar gift to a Kindle Unlimited subscription, except your recipient will be surprised with a brand new book every month. If your friend prefers real books instead of e-books, getting them a couple of months subscription to the Book of the Month club is perfect. 

3. The Writer's Market 2018 

The Writer's Market is an amazing resource for writers. It has a comprehensive list of literary agents, annual short-story competitions, literary magazines and publishing houses, as well as all the submission criteria for these organizations. If you have a friend who has been working on a novel for a while, this a great gift to show your support of their career. 


4. A Gift Card To a Local Bookstore

Instead of giving them a gift card to Starbucks or Barnes and Nobel, get a gift card to a local bookstore. You'll be able to support a small business and help the struggling local bookstore market. Plus, local bookstores always have the best diamond in the rough books.

5. Writing Software

Sure, everyone has Word or Google Docs, but there's tons of software out there made just for writers. The most popular one is Scrivener, because it allows writers to organize their books or stories by scenes or chapters. They can create timelines, story boards and easily rearrange parts of the book.  

Writers, what are some of the best/worst gifts you've received? What are some other great ideas for writing gifts?