5 Great Habits For Writers To Start In 2018

This is the perfect time to pick up new habits for the year. There are a number of habits you can start to help you improve your writing and further your career. Here are some ideas:


1. Create An Office Space

Make a space for your work. It doesn't have to be a whole room to yourself, but it's important that you make it your own. My office is a corner of our sitting room that takes up less than 30 square feet. It's my space though. I have inspiration boards, a printer, journals, binders of writing and a very comfy chair. It's a place that's easy for me to write and store all of my work in one place. 

2. Set A Writing Schedule

You don't have to write everyday, although it's a great habit to get into but it doesn't work for everyone. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a writing schedule though. Maybe every Saturday morning you write for an hour. Maybe, like me, you write for an hour everyday as soon as you get home. Make it a priority to get your writing done on that schedule. It's of course great if you write other times too, but you need  to be writing when you're scheduled to. 

3. Set A Reading Schedule

This is just as important if not more important than having a writing schedule. Just writing everyday isn't enough. You need to make time to read so you can learn from other writers. I like to read an hour or two before bed everyday and I'm able to get through about a book a week at that pace. You may be faster or slower!

4. Create Goals and Punishments For Yourself

If you make a schedule for reading and writing, make a way to hold yourself accountable. If you keep to your schedule, maybe you can take yourself to the movies or go to your local bookstore and get that book or journal you've been eyeing. On the flip side of that, if you don't make your schedule maybe you have to clean out that closet full of junk or have to go to the bookstore and look at that book you want but not buy it. Tell someone else your schedule, goals and punishments so they can hold you to it. 

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5. Commit To You Writing Career

Find a way to commit yourself to your career this year. This may mean that you buy a domain name for your author's website. Or you make a habit to introduce yourself as a writer when you meet new people. Maybe you buy business cards that show you're a writer. This can be as large or as small of a commitment as you're able to make. Not all of us have unlimited funds and resources to use for our career right now, but find a way to make yourself a professional writer this year. 

How are you going to commit to your career this year? What schedules are you going to set? Comment below or email me. I'm happy to keep your accountable this year!