5 Signs You NEED A Writing Coach

A Writing Coach is great resource available for new and experienced authors that helps you enhance your writing and grow your career for a reasonable amount of money per month. If you don't know what a writing coach is or if you're ever considered if a writing coach is right for you, here are some signs that a writing coach might be right for you!


1. You Have Trouble Editing Yourself

If you've ever been editing a book, short story or essay and thought, "I can't do this!!!" You might need a Writing Coach. While not every Writing Coach is able to read your work and edit it, it's included in every package I offer to my writers. Part of the reason for that is, it's hard to give someone advice about their work if you haven't read it. While getting help setting goals and schedules for yourself, I'm happy to read over anything you send over.

2. You Don't Have Any Writing Friends

It can be really hard to advance your craft if you don't have any friends who write as well. You don't have anyone to ask for about advice for your writing, you don't have any suggestions for books to read, and you don't have anyone to commiserate with. 

3. You Want To Be More Serious About Your Writing Career

Have you been writing for years just for fun? Have you loved writing for free on twitter or tumbler? Do you wish you could figure out how to start getting paid for the hard work you already do? Most likely your writing couch has already been there, and already done that... Let them give you some advice for how you can create a career and start making money for your writing!

4. You Feel Insecure About Sharing Your Writing With Others

If you don't have a lot of experience sharing your work with other writers, formal writers workshops and critique groups can be difficult and intimidating. How do you share your writing with other writers who have been writing for years? Your writing coach is an experience writer and critique group leader who can give you feedback and help you won't be able to get from most writing groups you meet. 

5. You Haven't Studied Creative Writing In School

While there are thousands of writers out there who have never studied writing in their undergraduate or graduate careers, there are definitely benefits to formal training in creative writing. You gain a unique network of published writers and support. You get excellent resources and training in your honing your craft. You get excellent practice in new techniques. Chances are, your writing coach has an undergraduate degree in creative writing, maybe, if you're lucky, and Masters of Fine Arts degree like me! We can pass on much of what we've learned without you have to pay thousands of dollars per semester. 

Think you may need a writing coach? Message me to set up your first appointment, which is completely free! We'll analyze your current habits and set a goal for success for your future! But don't wait to long, my appointments for July are about full!