5 Ways To Find a Critique Partner

Great news! You finished the first draft of your brilliant new novel. Except, maybe it doesn’t read as brilliant as you expected it to when you first wrote it? So your next step is to find a critique group or a partner. Critique groups are a great way to get lots of feedback, but i can often take longer for them to read your whole, completed novel and you need to read and critique everyone else’s work. Instead, critique partners are a one-on-one resources that can help you get most of your review time before you start revising.

At A Writer’s Conference

Writer’s conferences of all sizes, all over the country, are a great way to meet writers with similar interests. Some of the largest conferences have Critique Partner meet up events, but even if there’s isn’t a specific event dedicated, it’s still a great place to meet people who wants to read your work. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself to someone new, and talk about your project. You’re sure to find at least one person who wants to read it for it.

Through Social Media

Social Media helps you connect with writers all over the world. There are a number of great Facebook groups dedicated to every niche of the writing world. On Twitter, you can follow #cpmatch to see who else is looking for a critique partner or make your own post asking for help. Even on Facebook, Instagram, or any other site you use, don’t be afraid to make a post asking everyone who follows you if they’d be interested. The response might surprise you!

Through Your Local Writer’s Network

Large writer’s organizations, like SCBWI, have resources dedicated to helping their members find critique groups and partners, but consider also looking into your local writer’s network. It may be a smaller group, but there’s a huge benefit to having a partner who lives near you. Try attending your local network’s next open mic night or social event and see if you can find someone who writers in a similar genre to you.

Through A Critique Website

Many websites exist to help you grow your craft, but some are specifically focused on helping your get feedback on your work. My favorite site to use is InkedVoices.com, as the staff running that place is absolutely excellent. They can easily help you find a critique group to work with or other members who may want to swap stories. You do have to pay for these website usually, but you’re more likely to get fast results.

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Hire A Writing Coach

If all else fails, you can hire a writing coach to act as your critique partner. Writing coached read your work and chat with you on a regular basis to offer feedback and encouragement. They can help you set goals for your writing and be a great support as you revise and query your manuscript. I offer Coaching services as well and am offer %50 off your first month if you mention this post when you reach out. Click here to contact me.

Start the search for critique partner here! Comment below with your genre and what you’re looking for in a partner.