A Mid-Year Check In!

At the beginning of this year, I set 5 goals for myself to accomplish in 2018. Here's a quick check-in with how things are going so far this year!

1. Read. Read. Read.


My goal at the beginning of this year was to do a book review per week and so far I've done a great job of keeping up with that. Much of that is thanks to Netgalley, which helps put me in contact with author sand publishing houses to get you great new books every week. 

2. Write. Write. Write.

With my reading and work as an editor and writer expanding, working on my own novel has been much harder than I'd expected! I was able to rewrite about 1/3 of my current novel draft in April and hope to finish the last 1/3 in July with Camp NaNo!

3. Writer's Blog Tour

January through most of April, I was fortunate enough to host some great guest blogs. If you didn't get a chances to read those, go through and check them out. Many of the writers I hosted have their own blogs with great content and some posts by me as well, so please give those a read sometime soon!

4. Expanding Services


This is the area I've excelled the most since I posted my goals for 2018 in January. I've added many new clients into my roster, helping small businesses and writers create great blog posts, edit their work and manage their social media. 

I also have recently launched a Writing Coach service, to help you set realistic goals, punishments, rewards and deadlines. This is great for writers or have trouble establishing habits or have been trying hard to finish their novel with no success. I'll be posting some more about this int he upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

5. YOU! 

Getting interaction and feedback from you, my reader, is an area I'll always be striving to do more with. I always like hearing your thoughts on my blog posts and seeing you "like" or subscribe to my site. Feel free to let me know what you think of my work anytime via my contact page!

Did you set goals for 2018? What have you accomplished so far? What work do you have left to do?