A Review of The Last Hope


Imprisoned for weeks on an enemy starcraft, Franny, Court, and Mykal have sat with an unfathomable revelation. But as they fight to stay alive, escaping prison means trusting a young mysterious stranger. He knows everything about their lost histories, and when answers aren’t given freely, the bonded trio are forced to join a mission. One that will determine the fate of humanity. Legend says, a baby—the first of her species—has the power to cloak and teleport planets. Tasked with retrieving the infant, Court fears the baby is just a myth, and if they fail, they’ll never find the truth about their origins.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review through Macmillian publishing. I was excited when Kristie and Becca Rithie reached out to me about reviewing the sequel to their first book The Raging Ones. If you haven’t red The Raging Ones yet, WHY NOT? But also, you can hop over to my review here. I was left completely stunned at the end of the last book and have been eagerly awaiting the sequel. I had very high hopes for the conclusion to this series. No pun intended.

My favorite about the sequel to this book is much it allowed the reader to explore this book’s universe. Readers learned a lot about the main characters’ home planet in the first book, but this book allowed us to learn about the other planets in the solar system and the larger picture that was only hinted at in the first book. There were some exciting twists in regards to the universe in this book, which is a rare thing to find in a setting. I don’t want to spoil anything, but question everything you think you know based on the last novel.

All of my favorite characters from the first book returned here. I would have liked to learn more about some of the secondary characters, but not much more information was given about them. However, it was great seeing the main character’s new relationships form and evolve with the plot. Franny definitely became my favorite out of the protagonists through this story. I connected with her struggles and thought her plot arc was the best developed.

My main hope for the plot in this sequel was to have all of the questions I had from the first book about the main characters and their origins finally answered. This book definitely accomplished this, I appreciated how the authors dropped answers throughout the story, rather than wait until the end to tell us everything. While the ending was satisfying, with all loose ends tied up, it felt a little bit too much like the authors were trying to tie a pretty bow on everything. I would have liked for a slightly edgier conclusion to match the tone of the rest of the series.

The Last Hope is the conclusion to Krista & Becca Ritchie’s romantic science-fiction duology. I loved seeing more of the character’s universe, the development of the characters and getting all of my questions answered. I would have liked to see the secondary characters grow more in this story and an ending that better suited the tone of the rest of the series, but overall I highly recommend this series to any fans of romance and science fiction.

The Last Hope is available now to purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or through your favorite local bookstore.