Five Tips To Overcoming Rejection

As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, rejection is as essential to writing as reading. Behind every writer you know and love, is a stack of rejection letters. It's tough work and could grind anyone down over time, but here are a few tips to help you get over this disappointment and back to your writing.

Recognize A Tiered Rejection

Not all rejections are equal. Just because an agent, publisher or magazine says "No" doesn't mean that they're slamming the door in your face. There are "Not right now" rejections, "Make some edits and come back" rejections, "We love your work but need something else" rejections. While many people may think these are just polite "No"s, it's more likely that you're getting a tiered rejection. Takes these seriously and cash in on your rejections.

Ask Questions

If you do get a firm "No" rejection, it never hurts to ask questions. So many agents and magazines may never even reply to you, so if they actually took the time to tell you they're not interested, they may be willing to help. In many cases, you may not get an answer you like, but be open to their feedback.

Find A Support Network

No matter how many rejections you get, it can be hard to hear "No". It sometimes even gets hard the more that you hear. Having people around to encourage and support you is essential. This can be a writing group, a friend group, your family or even an online community. There are actually whole Facebook groups available to support writers. 

Celebrate Your Rejections

It's easy to celebrating "Yes"s. They're exciting and sometimes even come with some cash. It's a lot harder to get excited about "No"s but you'll be better off if you can find a way to celebrate your rejections. Set a goal for how many rejections you want to receive this month/year. Once you hit your goal, do something special for yourself: A big purchase, a night out, vacation. Whatever is best for yourself!

One In, Three Out

This is one easy but sometimes exhausting tip to not let yourself be bogged down by rejections. Every time you get a rejection, immediately send out three more pitches. This way the more rejections you get, the more you'll send out until you eventually get your "Yes"!

How do you cope with rejections? What advice do you have for other writers that are struggling with rejection?