The Most Magnificent Places to Read a Book - A Guest Post By Chloe Taylor

Bookworms have a superpower: they can read pretty much anywhere. This includes the most unexpected positions and places, but they neither notice nor do they care, as their love for books allows them to overcome any and every obstacle. We’ve prepared a list of the most magnificent (and a few unexpected) places you can read a book:


Your bathroom

A bathroom is that one place where we go to find a bit of privacy, peace, and quiet, and it’s not a surprise to see many people choosing to read there. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about long bubbly baths or some quiet me-time on the toilet, books in the bathroom are a good idea.

A tree house

Who says that tree houses are only for children? They allow you to spend time in nature but also enjoy the comforts of your own home such as a lazy bag or a lamp. Spending time in a tree house will help you get in touch with your inner child and make you feel like you’re headed off to an adventure along with characters from a book.

Your own reading nook

Those who are fortunate enough to have their own reading nooks are in luck – there are few places better fit for reading than old closets adapted into cozy, bright nooks. Place a lazy bag, a bunch of soft cushions, a nice lamp, and a warm blanket in there, and you’ll never wish to leave.

An outdoor spa

Reading outside is always a good idea because natural light and fresh air help you stay focused longer. On the other hand, there are people who dream about reading in the tub just like in the movies. But what if you could combine the best of both? You can spend pleasant evenings sitting in your 2 person outdoor spa with your favorite book, drinking a glass of wine, and pretend you’re a character from a movie.


The beach

Let’s face it – we don’t read as much as we’d like because we don’t have enough time. This is the reason why people love reading when they’re on a holiday, and warm, sandy beaches are one of the best places to open a good book. If you choose to spend your winter holiday at an exotic destination, white sand, azure sea, nice cocktails, and a gentle breeze will help you relax and enjoy your book.

The park

Sunday afternoon in your favorite park – is there a better definition of leisure and delight? It doesn’t matter if you like sitting on long community benches, by a lake, under a big tree, or on a blanket placed over freshly mowed grass, parks offer many places you can enjoy. There is also the excitement of being surrounded with many people you can look at and imagine them as characters from the book you’re reading at the moment.


We thought about skipping this one because it’s so obvious, but we decided against it. Libraries are sacred to all readers and bookworms, they are like treasure chests you can open and look for rare jewels and precious gold coins. This is the place where people come to take books, to look for information, to study, or just read in peace. Another perk is the librarians – wonderful people who will be more than willing to help you find the book or the information you need, and the studious atmosphere of the entire place is also inspirational.

Public transport

We already mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles to reading is the lack of time, but public transport might be the solution. It doesn’t matter if you use a train, bus, a streetcar, or a subway, you can focus on your book rather than on your surroundings. Someone else is steering and all you have to pay attention to are two things: not to miss your station and the book in your hands. Reading in public transit is a great way to use your time, and the only drawback might be if you suffer from motion sickness.

Any avid reader will tell you that one of their deepest, most intimate desires is having a place to read. While some dream about big libraries and others of small nooks, everyone will agree that the places we mentioned here are among the most magnificent ones for anyone to lose themselves in a book.

Chloe Is A Graduated Journalist From Adelaide And A Regular Contributor To Smooth Decorator. She Loves Everything Related To Decor, Aesthetic And Lifestyle Topics. She Is Also Passionate About Photography. Her Biggest Dream Is To Travel The Whole World And Take Some Stunning Photographs Of Beautiful Places. Beside All This, She Enjoys Drinking Coffee And Reading A Beautiful Book From Time To Time.