Why I'm Not Writing This Week 3/21

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing more than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

I also encourage you to share with me what made you procrastinate this week by posting with #whyimnotwriting on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, or share in the comments below. I'll feature my favorites with everyone here. 


Last weekend, I took myself to Saxapahaw, North Carolina, to enjoy some solitude and writing time. I got a lot of relaxing in and was even pretty productive. I got in 10 pages of writing everyday, not including some actual work I had to get done too. If you ever find yourself in the area and need a beautiful and refreshing place to stay, visit the River Landing Inn


St. Patrick’s Day

If you celebrate the holiday, I hope you enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend. I was able to manage to remember to wear green, and even met up with some friends and made it to a bar. It was overall, a beautiful and fun day.

Daily Harvest

As part of my journey to get healthier this year, I’ve subscribed to Daily-harvest.com, a website that provides pre-packaged, frozen smoothies, harvest bowls, soups and more, made out of all natural fruits and vegetables. I’m really impressed with how much I like these meals, even though I’m not very good at eating fruits and veggies. I definitely recommend theses if you’re looking to get more healthy and natural foods into your diet. Click here to get 3 free cups with your first order!



This week I started a new Social Media adventure by joining Holonis, an up-and-coming social media outlet great for creators and writers. You have a chance now to get in and claim your username before things start blowing up. Check out Holonis and follow me!


This is my second week of Lent and my binge-watching ban. Some days have been better than others. On days when I’m really busy, it’s easy to come home and just tidy up the house and go to bed. Other days, when I’ve been stressed and need to unwind, it’s been difficult not to sit down on the couch and just watch lots of television. Not everyday has been successful, but I can definitely notice that I’m cutting back.

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