Why I'm Not Writing This Week 4/12

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing more than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

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Riverrun Film Festival

We entered the first full week of the Riverrun Film Festival and I’ve been having a blast. Between the events going on, like the Opening Night Gala and VIP receptions, and beautiful films like The River and The Wall, I’ve been staying busy and entertained.


This is also the second full week of CampNaNoWriMo, in which I attempt to write at least 1,000 words per day to finish my YA Fantasy novel ON THE RAILS. Unfortunately, with all the events going on in the last week, my writing has been neglected. Cross your fingers that I can get caught up soon.

Happy Birthday To Me!

And on that note… I celebrated my birthday on Sunday. I was so lucky to get to spend time with friends and family on that day and days since. It was a really amazing day and I can’t say thank you enough to those who helped make it special.

Mourning A Mentor

And as fun as the weekend was, the start of the week was pretty somber as I drove to my hometown to attend the funeral of a former church mentor. The service for him was touching and it was great to see friends from my program that I hadn’t seen in years, but he’ll still be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Chip.


With all the events, celebrations and sadness of the last week, it’s actually been pretty easy to avoid binge-watching. I have started up some new TV shows, but haven’t found anything to hold my attention in the last few days.

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