Why I'm Not Writing This Week 6/14

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing more than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

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Los Angeles

I had a great rest of my trip visiting Los Angeles with my college friends. We loved seeing the sights, visiting friends and just spending time together. It was so hard to leave, but I was also happy to get home and see my babies.

Open Mic Podcast

I had the opportunity this week to record one of my old creative non-fiction essays for a potential podcast at my alma mater. While I’ve done live readings for open mic nights and presentations, this was my first time reading for a recording. It was a great opportunity and I thank Salem College for inviting me.

A Silent Voice

While this movie has been out for a few years now, I finally got a chance to watch it while on my way home from Los Angeles. This anime started out a bit confusing, but by the end of it, I was sobbing on the airplane. If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, make sure you check out this beautiful film.

Furniture Shopping

While we’re not officially in the market to buy new furniture, the redesign bug is nipping at me and I’m dying to give my house a bit of a face lift. So I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on furniture websites, but I’m lucky my husband is good at reigning me back in when my ideas get too big.

Vacation Hangover

With the long days of travel, the time change difference, the weather shift and more, I’ve had a hard time adjusting back to my normal routine. My husband was sweet enough to clean the house and make me feel so welcome when I came home, but it’s still hard to buckle down and get back to work.

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