Why I'm Not Writing This Week 9/20

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing more than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

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I’ve been working hard to eat healthy and moderate portions every day at my day job, but I had a bit of backslide this week. For starters, I kept forgetting to bring my healthy foods to work (duh!) but also had some outside temptations, including a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts that made for a satisfying lunch.

NaNoWriMo 2019

The new NaNoWriMo.org website is up and running and with that, preparing for NaNo 2019 has begun. I’m not usually much for plotting and preparing, but I’m trying to be more organized, so I’m going to be planning out my new project, including world and character building and outlines.

New Schedules

My husband and I are adapting to some new schedules in our home which has come with some hiccups. I’ve been trying to get up early and do some cleaning in the morning, while also making a point to go to the gym regularly. Likewise, he’s trying to cut back on outside activities and spend more time at home. Send happy thoughts for a new kind of harmony in our home!

The Good Place Season 3

I’m really excited that I finally have a chance to watch the new season of The Good Place on Netflix. The first two seasons of this show were AMAZE-BALLS so I have very high hopes for this next one and future and final fourth season. If you love witty comedy, philosophy and existential crises, make sure you check out The Good Place

Take A Deep Breath

With all the changes going on right now, including the things listed above and other drama in my personal and work life, I’m working hard to remind myself to keep a breath and relax once and a while. As much as I love writing and reading, it’s also good to take some time every day to do something not at all work related. I’m going to be doing my best to work these moments into my life going forward.

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