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Five Gadgets For Modern Writers

While you can always count on your laptop or any regular old notebook to get your ideas down when you really need to write, there are tons of gadgets out there to make your writing even easier! 

Speed Up or Slow Down? How to Ace Your Fiction Pace - A Guest Post By Margaret McNellis


Pacing in fiction has always been one of my great struggles because I get excited about a scene idea and rush to get there. It’s finally sinking in though that I need to slow down in order to get the interiority I want for my narrator and protagonist. But how do you slow down the pace of a scene? The trick is knowing when to show versus tell.


How I Discovered The Muse For My Debut Novel - A Guest Post By Marjorie Lewis

Marjorie Lewis is a writer, journalist and sports enthusiast. Her debut novel When The Men Were Gone is based on a true story set during World War II. Here's a story from her about how she discovered her new passion:


An Interview with Robin Kirk - COVER REVEAL!!!

The Bond sets us in an alt-world, the Weave, a matriarchal society where new generations are developed in labs. That’s a pretty familiar set-up, so I wanted to slowly start complicating it. Dinitra, my heroine, is like all the others, designed to serve the society. But she’s also an artist and sees things differently. Like so many of us, she feels she doesn’t belong. Instead of getting assigned to a top-level job, she’s sent to the military, where she’s expected to defend the Weave from what she thinks are a ragtag group of malcontents. As it turns out, there’s much more to the story! Oh, and I give her 12, a battle dog mixed with tiger and lynx and howler monkey (among other things). Dinitra has to learn to love 12, think differently, and trust her artist instincts to survive.


A Review of Road to Eugenica

Drea Smith has always been a bit weird, but in a completely normal way. She's a clutz, she doesn't have many friends, and she lives her life behind her camera lens. When her and her father are hit by a drunk driver, her father is killed and Drea is badly injured. Everything gets even stranger when she gets out of the hospital. Suddenly, she's super strong, super fast and is able to speak any language fluently. To make matters worse, she's having visions of another world: Eugenica.

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