A Review of Children of Blood and Bone

Over ten years after the King ordered her mother and all other maji be slaughtered, Zelie still struggles with her grief and rage. She is persecuted by others because of her distinctive white hair, which marks her as someone able to perform magic even though magic has been gone since the slaughter. When winds up helping the Princess escape from her home, though, magic is awoken in her and others around the country. 

There's been a lot of hype about this book, both on Netgalley, in my writing communities and even on Facebook with the announcement of the upcoming movie. I found a copy at Target while shamelessly shopping for anything at Target. It's been gathering dust on my shelf since then, but I was really excited to read it after reading the summary and hearing great reviews from my friends. 

The world of Orïsha is foreign and familiar. There are elements of typical Fantasy novels, but the infusion of new unique elements make the world memorable. I especially enjoyed learning more about the religion and the racial prejudice in the setting. All of the elements of the setting work together beautiful to create a powerful and beautifully woven backdrop to the plot. 

This plot put it hooks in my and dragged me through to the end. From the first chapter, I felt completely pulled into the story. I could not put this book down, partly because of the plot twists that took me off guard as soon as I was sure I knew where the story was headed next. I was also compelled but the sub-plots of the book, Zelie's discovery of magic, the political thriller and the family drama. They all work together to further the main plot line, the main character's attempt to get magic back in the world. 

Zelie, Amari and Inan are the narrators, although there's other complex characters as well, including Zelie's brother Tzan and the Admiral Khea. Zelia and Amari are easily my favorite characters to follow. They're strong characters with distinctive voices. I also enjoyed seeing them develop and form a friendship as they progress through the plot. All the characters have great chemistry and I'm looking forward to seeing their relationships grow in the next books. 

Children of Blood and Bone  is the first book in the Legacy of Orïsha series by Tomi Adeyemi. Adeyemi introduces a beautifully intricate world, complex characters with great development and chemistry, and a compelling plot. Additionally, the real-world parallels to the events in the book are chilling and powerful. This first book left me aching for more of the story when I finished the last chapter. I can't wait to read more about Orïsha and Zelie in the rest of the series. 

Children of Blood and Bone is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local bookstore!