Five Tips To Beating Your Writer's Block

For many writer's block is a four letter word. It's the dreaded blue screen and the red circle of death. But it doesn't have to be the end of the line. If you're stuck, try these five tips and tricks below to help you get your mojo back!


1. Write Down Your Dreams Every Morning

If you're like me and most creative people, you probably have pretty active dreams. I often have whole story lines play out while I'm sleeping. Keep a dream journal and write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. Don't trust yourself to remember your dreams later, write them down as soon as possible! Even if they make no sense, you may find a nugget of inspirations later on.

2. Take a Walk Through Nature 

Go on a hike, visit your local arboretum, tour a garden, walk along the beach. Sometimes just getting out of your house and experiencing a new environment and spur some inspiration for you. Let it help you picture your next scene or give you an idea for the setting of your next short story. 

3. Interview Your Characters

If you're stuck, stop trying to force your characters into the next plot point. Take a step back and let your character tell you what they want. There's some GREAT character interviews around, but here's my favorite: from one of my favorite writing resources of all time Writing Magic. 


4. Get On A Routine

If you're having trouble writing when you need to, get in the habit of writing when you don't need to. Sit down and write every single day at the same time. Set a goal to for the number or pages or number of words you want to write every day and do it. Even if you don't want to, even if you don't have any ideas for what to write, just sit down and do it. You'll move forward and eventually you'll write something you really love. 

5. Take A Break

When all else fails, take a break. It seems counter intuitive, but seriously, just relax and stop trying to force it. Watch a movie, read a book that has nothing to do with what you're writing about, take a week off to just relax. Come back with fresh eyes and renewed energy. 

Do you often suffer from writer's Block? Whats your favorite way to get over your block?