Five Self Care Tips For Writers

Writing, while something we all love doing, is hard work. It's exhausting, it's time consuming and, for many writers that can't afford to write full time, it has to be done after a full work day or over the weekend. It's important to reward yourself for working hard and take care of yourself too. 


Self care is different for everyone, so here are a few writer inspired self care tips:

1. Home-Spa Time

Take a thirty minute break from your writing or procrastination induced cleaning, to enjoy some time for yourself. Slather your face with a mud mask, draw a bubble bath, light a candle, and soak for a while with your favorite book. Come out feeling clean, refreshed and read to keep working.

2. A Trip To The Book Store

On the way home or over the weekend, stop by your local, independently-owned book store. Don't go with anything in mind. Just wander around and let yourself enjoy the space. If you happen to find one or two or ten new books you want to read, all the better. 

3. Buy A Pretty New Journal

Sure, you have five empty journals at home. Sure, you never really write by hand much anymore. Sure, you're running out of desk space. But this one has gold leaf edging, a hard cover and beautiful borders. You deserve it! 

4. Work At A Coffee Shop

Bring your laptop to your local coffee house. Buy a pot of tea or nice espresso drink for yourself and enjoy. You probably won't get as much work done as you would have at home, but it sure felt nice to get out of the house, didn't it? 


5. A Change Of Scenery

Try sprucing off your home office. Rearrange your desk top, add a new inspiration quote to your corkboard, reorganize your bookshelf. See if spending a bit of extra effort on your creative space helps you work better in the future. 

What's your favorite way to take care of yourself? Any recommendations for burnt out writers?