Why I'm Not Writing This Week 5/25

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing more than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

I also encourage you to share with me what made you procrastinate this week by posting with #whyimnotwriting on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, or share in the comments below. I'll feature my favorites with everyone here. 

Deadpool 2! 

After months of anticipating, Daniel and I went to the midnight viewing of the new Deadpool movie. It was hilarious, entertaining, and made for an awesome night. I can't say that the sequel was better than the original, had a bit more drama and a bit less comedy, but we really really enjoyed ourselves. 

Overtone Conditioner

I tried out this new condition that deposits color pigments into your hair without dye. Even better, it actually conditions your hair while it works. If you have dark hair, it won't be a drastic change. I used the Rose Gold color and got a nice red tint to my hair now. It's a little change that gave me just a bit of pep to get through the end of the week. 

Amazing Books

I've read and reviewed four books so far this month and they've all been fantastic. I've been reading like crazy and can hardly put my books down. Many writers say you can't write if you don't read, but sometimes I feel like with all my reading, I don't have time to write. 


50% Off ManuscriptEditing.png

I've been dying for a good sitcom lately and finally resorted to rewatching the classics. This week it's been Roseanne, one of my absolute favorites from childhood. I've heard the reboot is decent but I'm too nervous to watch it. Meanwhile, the original is just as good as I remember. 

Half Of Editing Services!

With Camp NaNoWriMo ending, I'm releasing my popular Post-NaNo Editing special! If you have a manuscript, regardless of the length or genre, you can get half off my professional editing service. There's a price and package available for every budget, so if you're interested, reach out via my contact page!

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