Why I'm Not Writing This Week 12/29

Welcome to "Why I'm Not Writing." We all know that the only thing writers like doing better than writing is avoiding writing. So every Friday I list five things that have distracted me from my writing that week. 

I also encourage you to share with me what made you procrastinate this week by posting with #whyimnotwriting on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, or share in the comments below. I'll feature my favorites with everyone here. 


Merry Christmas

I hope all of you who celebrate had a amazing holiday. I was able to travel, visit some family and celebrate with my loved ones over a number of days. Santa also paid a visit to the furbabies in my house. 


Daniel and I were able to see The Last Jedi this weekend. We had hear a lot of mixed reviews but decided that we were absolutely in love with movies. Great dialogue, beautiful plot and pacing, and so incredibly unique. I will say, make sure you go in with an open mind or you'll probably ruin it for yourself. 

Family Time

I apologize to anyone whose emailed me over the week or contacted me through twitter and Facebook. I traveled to visit my family in Virginia and Tennessee and spend lots of time around the kitchen table, drinking wine, sipping coffee, talking about family and playing games. You can expect your regularly scheduled responsiveness this upcoming week. 

The Great British Bake Off

This probably isn't news to anyone else whose has Netflix as long as I have, but I just discovered the The Great British Bake Off. I haven't watched reality competition shows since I was in high school, but this show has my attention, much to Daniel's chagrin. 

Happy birthday to you,Virgo the Virgin!.png

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